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Welding Art

Posted on February 8, 2017 in Uncategorized

Although most people think of welding as a way to build buildings and other shapes, there are many people who have chosen to use welding as an art form that is as creative as any inventor.

Generally speaking welding art comes in large pieces where people use scrap metal to form objects that they are interested in. As an example, one artist may use sculptures to create animals or other scenes in nature. Another may use welding to make a statement about something through their art.

One idea that is very popular is the making of sculpted iron gates that are uniquely ornamented. They are very large and can enhance either the entrance to an estate or the entrance to a particular garden or other area within an estate.

Another area where welding art is common and interesting is in the building of temporary stage structures for musical extravaganzas. As an example, one welding artist, Kenny Baird created this type of stage for Kenny Rogers. Baird is also a master welder.

Some of the welding art is experimental to see what types of metals can be welded together in an art form. An example of this is work by Wylie Mitchell of Texas, where he created a sculpture using copper, mild steel and stainless steel. This created an effect that looked weathered and interesting. The contrast in colors made this an attractive piece.

For some welders, traditional welding became too confining and they were bored with construction of buildings and wanted to do something more. They saw the potential to work with the metals to bring them into a fuller way of expression.

Welding art uses the same processes as other welding. Many artists are skilled in arc welding and others use plasma cutters to produce intricate patterns. Still others use lasers to produce certain forms of welding art. This type of art is only limited by the imagination.

Many artists specialize in certain things. Some will create sculptures, others altars and tables and some will concentrate on building large sculptures that sit in front of office buildings or in parks. It will depend on the artist’s tastes and interests as to what they decide to do.

Wall sculptures are very popular with welding because they can be decorative especially when other types of metals are welded to them or they can be shaped through hammering, cutting and shaping the metal into unique shapes.

Many welders who also do art specialize in repair work. They attempt to create that same effect as the original piece wherever possible. The materials used in welding art can be everything from iron to other forms of steel. This really depends on the artist and their preference and skill at using specific materials. Stone and bronze seem to also be popular materials for some welders who do art.

Many art welders use simple and inexpensive tools to get their artwork done. The same equipment that they would use for other welding projects are part of the art toolkit as well.

The History of Sculpture And Its Basic Information

Posted on February 6, 2017 in Uncategorized

Art was produced throughout the history in all cultures. The work of art has two aspects; it is a present experience of the artist as well as his experiences in the past, and it is valued, preserved and studied for both identities.

As art emerged from the old generations to the new generations, especially in the time of technologies, such completely new creations were made. A number of disparate artistic currents and traditions coexisted and influenced one another, not infrequently within the same genre. Some cultures from other countries that have already developed work of arts influenced and inspired other countries and created their work of arts which made their country popular and known to others.

The word “art” denote painting, which is the most common work of art and architecture. Moreover one of the most popular in Roman art was sculpture. Nowadays, there are works that are considered as art in several ways. At this present moment it already have several forms of extension such as print making, drawing, sketching, decorative art, and even photography as well as films or movies.

Sculpture became one of the favorites of some professional artists. Sculpture is considered as old as the human culture and has appeared in almost every culture throughout the world. People before tried seeking sculpture information to have more detailed explanations on how exactly to make such creation. Through the sculpture information, they have answered certain questions that were bugging their minds. It started when clay engravings have been found on the walls of caves inhabited by prehistoric people. Archeologists found small fertility figures carved from limestone.

In sculpture information, people learned that during the twentieth century, sculpture underwent the most radical changes in history. The emergency of cubism and abstract art brought down the dominance of the Greek and Roman principles of ideal form and realistic detail. While representational sculpture remained the primary style for numerous sculptors, many experimented with expressionism. According to some, sculpture information also evolved along with the emergence of the sculpture.

Sculpture information was spread worldwide. The advent of abstract expressionism in such art and the rise of New York City as the world’s artistic center have led to proliferation movements. Such information dominated some artist such as the three- dimensional comic environments of Red Grooms, frank realism has emerged and was personified by George Segal’s roughly cast plaster figures in actual settings, and Marisol’s sharply satirical blocky figures. Later, the abstract metal sculptures of David Smith are considered by many to be among the most important creations.

As interest in arts increased, marble copies of masterpieces were commissioned by wealthy people to decorate in their residences. A thriving copying industry also evolved along with evolution of art. Sculpture information helped the art to spread throughout the world carrying different traditions and cultures. Some were influenced and were inspired to create and be inventive enough as an artist to create new masterpieces, but others rely on the existing arts and copied their ideas.

Reading a Painting/Sculpture (An Encounter in Ion Orchard, Singapore)

Posted on February 4, 2017 in Uncategorized

This experience is based in Singapore, along the famous shopping belt at orchard road. More specifically, it’s my encounter of entering the Opera Gallery in Ion Orchard, which showcased paintings and sculptures from relatively well-known artists. Boy, was I in for a big surprise.

Upon entering the wide open alley of the gallery at the top most floor of Ion Orchard, there was an immediate sense of calm and peace within the gallery. A comforting sort of peace if I may say. We passed by the first few paintings with little interest as usual. But when my friend stopped ( or rather HALTED) at one particular sculpture, a sculpture of 2 golden-painted women, which was a vertically inverted reflection of each other, I was puzzled. I do admit the contortionist shape of the female figures were a little surprising, but nothing spectacular in any way. This was the beginning of my education in art, kudos to my good friend, who takes and studies art in school. She opened my dusty- caked- up eyes to the beauty of art. The artist was a famous guy, Marc Quinn and he apparently took the idea of the well-known “endless columns” sculpture idea and did a short, 2 woman “column” of Kate Moss!

Then she brought me around to another exhibit, and this time, I was conscious when I read the tag on the wall, which clearly stated Marc Quinn’s name and I looked at the exhibit. A picture of 3 syringes filled with red substance and pinned up butterflies. I found that pretty fascinating. But it soon turned to a creepy disgust when my friend informed me that he had a fetish for nature and that the butterflies are real, and the red substance in the syringe? It’s blood. yes. BLOOD. From an animal, probably a pig. I breathed a huge sigh of relief when she said that for I thought the syringes would contain his blood or some human being’s blood!

The next painting we saw was a beautiful picture of orchids in brilliant colours. It gave me a sense of happiness, brightness and just a general sunny outlook on life. Suddenly, everything in me seemed to turn brighter with warmth and happiness, matching the warm, bright colours these huge orchids were painted in. To my surprise, my friend turned to me and said, “You like it? This is also done by Quinn.” Can you imagine my shock? Quinn’s artwork was a dynamic range of positive thoughts and at the same time deeply disturbing perceptions. I guess it was akin to the range of emotions we have as human beings.

Let me explain why I said Quinn created deeply disturbing pieces. I saw a human skeleton sculpture painted in metallic gold, sitting in a meditation position. Around the skeleton’s skull was a wreath of orchids, all covered in gold paint too and at the foot of one of the skeleton’s cross legged position, was another huge orchid flower. And yes, if you haven’t already guessed it, the sculpture was also done by Quinn! Why did he put a human SKELETON with that of something so beautiful? ( the orchids) It seemed to me a symbol of life and death at the same time and I came away slightly startled yet amused at this paradoxical sculpture.

All in all, I learnt a lot of hidden nuances from many other paintings and sculptures from my dear friend. She really opened up my eyes to the world of art and let me see things I never would have if I were to enter the Opera Gallery on my own.

So Ladies and Gentlemen,the next time you pass by an art gallery, don’t shake it off as a place with no value. I can assure you that when you begin to read up on the background of these artists, you’ll find out the reason why they make such paintings and sculptures. If you think appreciating art simply does not add value to your life, well, you’re in for a paradigm shift. Art changes the way you see things. The way you perceive human beings and their behaviours. The way you function in any given environment. Art makes you ponder on life and love and why.